When it comes to car maintenance, it is a common belief that owners need to lessen costs as much as possible, and one of the most effective ways to reduce expenses is to save fuel and energy and use every drop as efficiently as possible besides using the best materials for your vehicle like the premium ceramic coating.    

To help you lessen costs, here we are sharing with you the driving techniques you can use to use your fuel more efficiently.  

1. it is advised that you have a steady speed when driving on the road. If you wish to accelerate, do it smoothly especially when merging or passing by a traffic to avoid hard braking as this causes to burn unused energy from your fuel. A study shows that aggressive driving which includes hard braking is connected to increasing energy consumption up to 40%.   

2. use your car air conditioning as efficiently and strategically as possible. Turning on your air conditioner in hot weather increase the fuel consumption by 30%. It is recommended to open your sunroof and windows instead. However, take note that at high speeds, it is not advised to open them up as they create wind and dragging resistance, and these also significantly make your car consume more fuel. In the summertime, what you can do is to use your air conditioning but avoid using it frequently and for a longer duration.   

3. plan your trips and run errands in one trip. Multiple short trips are fuel-waster because whenever you start the engine, you use up too much fuel even without covering distance. Especially when you go through a steep hill, uneven surface, or traffic jam, you are significantly wasting fuel. One way to avoid this is to run your errands in one trip and search for a faster route.   

4. to warm your engine, use a block heater especially in the colder season. Although the oil does not get below 0 degrees in temperature, the oil can get thicker, making it difficult for the engine to burn the fuel.   

5. regular maintenance is needed to ensure that the vehicle would not easily degenerate especially the smaller components. For this, always follow the recommended maintenance in the manufacturer’s operating procedures guide. In this way, you know you are doing the right maintenance in a specific model of car. Doing good maintenance saves fuel in a way it avoids fuel consumption increase when vehicle components get damaged.  

6. avoid idling your car for more than 10 seconds. An idle car burns more fuel than a car that has just restarted although it does not cover any distance too. So, according to Wundermold contact plastic injection molding companies, avoid idling, and estimate distance whenever you accelerate and there is a traffic meters away from you.   

7. if you are using a car with a manual transmission, learn how to use it properly to maximize the fuel it has. You can make use of your tachometer.   


There are reasons why there is a need to save fuel far more than just saving money. By maximizing the fuel in your vehicle, you are also contributing less providing more carbon in the environment. So, use your fuel wisely!