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Feb 20, 2019
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About Classifieds
How can I delete my ad?
How do I get my ads to show up together?
How can I get my text to appear like I write it in my ad?
How can I protect myself from fraud?
How do I add a picture to my add?
How do I add more than one picture to my classified ad? Create a Photo Gallery?
How do I get started selling on Connect 2 Athens?
How do I make changes to my ad?
How do I post a classified ad?
What are the Classifieds Policies?
How long does it take to get an ad approved?
Where's my ad?
How long will my Classified ad run? Can I renew it?
How many ads can I post?
I can't find contact information on an ad. How do I contact them?
What can I do to get my items to sell faster? And get more buyers with less emails?
What do I do if the seller doesn't respond to my e-mail?
What if I receive a suspicious response to my ad?
What's an e-Garage sale?
Where do I post Jobs and Resumes?
Where Do I Post Real Estate?
Why can't I post my homemade items or my business's products in the Classifieds?
Why was my ad changed?
Will I get spammed if I use my email address?
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